Strategtic HR Solutions

Strategic Envisioning
  • To revisit/review the Vision and Mission of the organisation.
  • Study Objectives of the organisation, Future plans, Organisation SWOT etc.
  • Study Organisation's philosophy and DNA vis-a-vis the present state of operations, and map the journey of the organisation in line with the same.
  • Conduct Futuristic Strategic Envisioning Workshop.
  • Designing strategies and objectives to move forward.
  • Seek Commitment of strategic personnel towards the strategies and objectives formulated.
  • Prepare Action Plan.
  • Review sessions for implementation.

HR Policy Formation
  • Study organisational setup, culture, needs, Philosophy and Vision.
  • Identify basis of Organisation Policy Formulation
  • Review and Prepare custom made HR, Training, Admin, Security related policies for the companies through benchmarking.

Manpower Planning
  • To analyse the existing manpower vis-à-vis Industry standards.
  • To highlight the gaps related to excess/ deficit manpower.
  • Optimisation of manpower.

Role Analysis
  • Conducting role analysis and devising DWM's/Job Descriptions and Job Specifications for each position/role in the organisation.
  • Work load optimisation.
  • Defining KPA's and KRA's

Objective Performance Management
  • Performance Management using Techniques like Balanced Business Scorecard Management by Objective & KRA's
  • Designing a system/procedure of setting and review of organization, departmental and individual objectives using Top-Down approach.
  • Facilitate defining objectives/KRA's that are SMART i.e Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound.
  • KRA setting using measures of Productivity, Cost, Quality, Morale etc.
  • Timely review the KRA/ Performance Management procedure for effective implementation.

360 Degree Appraisal System
  • Study Organisation readiness and adaptability towards 360 degree review.
  • Designing a custom made 360 degree review procedure as per organisational setup.
  • Prepare Review Report.
  • Conduct one-on-one feedback sessions.

Building A Learning Organization
  • Learning & Development/ Training Policy formulation
  • Training Need Identification
  • Preparing Training Calendar/ Development plan
  • Training Feedback mechanism
  • Training Evaluation & Assessment tools
  • Continuous Learning & Development Tools/Policies

HR Auditing
  • Conduct a complete HR audit of the company.
  • Identification of gaps/areas of improvement through benchmarking.
  • Audit Report suggesting corrective measures for further development.
  • Conduct Review Audits to ensure compliance.
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